Speed Measurement - the definitive site

  • How fast does it go ?
  • How many G does it pull ?
  • How long does it take to hit 60 MPH ?

If these are the kind questions you ask, then SpeedMeasurement.com is the site for you.

What is this site about ?

Over the coming months we will endeavor to answer these questions for almost anything that moves. We will provide a huge database of things that move, and give you the tools to examine the data, and compare anything you own to the vast database we are building.

How will you do this ?

We have access to the very latest in speed measurement equipment. Small, lightweight, battery powered, deadly accurate.

(For more information on this device, see www.racelogic.co.uk)

It is called the Velocity Box or VBOX and is made by Racelogic, and used the world over by car manufacturer's, tyre companies and television programs. It is based on GPS, and logs the speed, position, height and g-forces 20 times a second to a small compact flash card. Being small and lightweight, we can fit this device to almost anything that moves, and provide in-depth analysis of the performance.

What testing have you done already ?

We already have on our database :

  • 75 different road cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW etc.)
  • 5 Different motorcycles
  • 10 different racing cars (Formula one, Hillclimb, Rally, Nascar etc.)
  • 1 dragster (Jet car)
  • 2 Jet Airplanes (Tornado, Hunter)
  • 1 Hovercraft
  • 1 Skydiver
  • 1 Mountain biker
  • 1 Remote control car
  • 1 Downhill skier
  • 1 Boat
  • 1 Earth mover
  • 1 runner
  • 1 horse

Can I test things myself ?

Absolutely. That is the "raison d'être" of this site. We want users to add their own test results to create the world's largest database of performance for moving things.

We can either sell you the equipment needed, or hire out one of our loan systems. www.driftbox.com is the Performance meter equipment that we use and recommend.

Do I have to pay to join ?

Surprisingly, no you don't. All of our revenue is generated by selling or hiring out of the equipment. To download the viewing software, and download any file, you do no have to pay anything.

What do the results look like ?

This is where it gets better. They are not just pretty graphs that we publish, and you print them out, and get bored after a few minutes. We have gone one stage further, and made them interactive. You download a program which allows you to view the files we have collected. You can then do your own analysis on this data, overlaying any data that you have acquired, zooming in to see the detail on the graph, or printing out a table of the incremental acceleration times.

Imagine comparing your car against a tornado fighter, or a Formula One car. It is all possible. You can even replay the file back, watching a real time display of Speed, G-force, time etc. We will even have some video overlays of the data taken from the object itself.

Show me an example !

This is the data from a dragster compared against a Ford RS Focus. You can also overlay G-force, and plot them against distance. You can watch these play out in real time, and overlay your own measurement.


This shows the data from the Focus in a table form. You can control what speed increments and what the units are (mph or kmh). Other screens allow you to measure 1/4 mile times, 0-100m, Top speed, braking forces, braking distances etc.

This is a screenshot of a video which has the vehicle's speed and G-force overlaid onto the video footage of the test.

Full video available for download here
(4M byte avi encoded using DivX)

Give me more information

We are still in the process of generating the website. However, we can sell or hire out equipment straight away, please contact us including your name, email, country and vehicle.